Ski & Snowboard Program

Britt & Keeley

Ski & Snowboard Strength & Conditioning Program

PT on POW –> Keeley (LAT, ATC) and Britt (PT, DPT) have put together a training program to prep for ski/board season. We both have a love for shredding the gnar helping people achieve their athletic goals. The whole point of this program is to facilitate your body being ready for ski season, whether you are new to the sport or a vet itching for the first pow day.

We have developed a 4-phase training program that you can dive into at your own pace, with the intention of ramping up difficulty as the season progresses. Feel free to stay in each phase as long as you want.

Our program aims to deliver a balance to tools to facilitate strength through full range of motion, dynamic stability, and power generation/impact absorption. We will be rolling out reels/posts on the PACE Instagram page with full descriptions of each exercise. We will release one phase a month over the next few months.

If you are unable to train away pain or other symptoms, pop in the clinic for a tune-up! Just send us an email: 



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