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Program For High School Runners


Our running expert and movement professional Lyndsay Provencio, PT, DPT has designed a strength and conditioning program for high school middle/long-distance runners.

The comprehensive program is meant to guide high school coaches and trainers through a specialized exercise and weightlifting progression model as their athletes train through the different phases of their sport.

Price: $499 (Program & Consultation w/ Lyndsay)

Strength & Conditioning Program

The “Strength and Conditioning Program for the High School Runner” is designed with the athlete in mind. We have taken three typical training periods: “base training”, “in-season”, and “tapering” and created lifts and workouts designed to optimize the athlete’s potential within each phase of training.
Each training period includes:
• 2 separate lifts with specific exercises and repetitions and sets that are unique to that period of training
• Dynamic warm-up
• Plyometric series
• Core series
• Hip series
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° The workouts come in a PDF format with links to video demonstrations of each exercise. 
° Coach’s will be able to take these periodized workouts and implement them into their athletes’ seasons, whether it be cross country, track, or summer mileage leading up to another year of running.
° Additionally, each coach will get a 45-minute consultation with Lyndsay Provencio, PT, DPT for discussion of program details, concerns, or questions. 
Lyndsay Provencio, PT, DPT
  • Certified in Scoliosis Specific Exercise

Lyndsay graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a BS in Health and Exercise Science and a concentration in Sports Medicine. After multiple personal sports-related injuries and discovering a passion for healing through movement, Lyndsay attended Creighton University to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Lyndsay is inspired to treat the whole person, not just the injury, and has found a niche in working with athletes of all ages. Being an avid runner herself, she has a particular interest in working with endurance athletes and is currently undergoing specialty training in pelvic floor rehabilitation to better serve her clientele. Additionally, Lyndsay is BSPTS C1 certified in scoliosis-specific exercise and has found a niche working with pediatrics and adolescents with scoliosis to improve overall posture with hopes of reducing spinal curve progression. Beyond her specialties in pelvic floor rehab and scoliosis-specific exercise, Lyndsay has broad experience treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

A native to Colorado, Lyndsay is an adventure seeker who loves to hike, camp, and trail run. When the Portland rain hits, you can find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. She looks forward to providing you with the best-individualized care possible to help you achieve your personal goals!

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